Toroweap Arizona

Most hidden beautiful view from the North Rim

Toroweap Trip

Toroweap Point, Grand Canyon National Park

Some locals call the area Toroweap and others will call it Tuweep. The name Toroweap was given by John Wesley Powell. Grand Canyon's Toroweap is the most hidden beautiful view from the North Rim. It's located in the Arizona Strip, an isolated region of northwestern Arizona along the North Rim of the western Grand Canyon.

Toroweap Point is worth the drive of 70 miles on gravel (if it is dry) and mud if it rains. It is the most isolated and hardest spot to get to on the Grand Canyon. It is a three hour drive from Fredonia, AZ with no services.

On the Toroweep viewpoint of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon you can look down almost three thousand feet of narrow canyon walls to the Colorado River below. The view is long and spectacular due to the incredible feeling of height caused by the sudden broad drop-off.
The limestone of the Toroweap formed on the floor of a shallow sea, over 255 million years ago.

1 - 2 days

Warning Torroweap

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