Salt Creek Canyon Utah

is one of those special places in Canyonlands NP

Salt Creek Trip

Salt Creek Canyon Canyonlands NP Utah

Salt Creek is an amazing place in Canyonlands National Park where water is generally available throughout the year. Located in The Needles District of Canyonlands National Park Salt Creek provides a challenging adventure with great scenery and an abundance of natural history

Some of Canyonlands' most spectacular archaeological sites and arches are found in the Salt Creek area. The trailhead on Cathedral Butte is way up there. Close to 7,100 feet compared to roughly 4,900 feet at the Cave Spring trailhead. The first couple of miles are steep, hot and dry.

The approx. 22 mile (+ 3 mile for Agel Arch) stretch from Cathedral Butte to Cave Spring is filled with incredible arches and outstanding prehistoric sites of ruins and rock art. It’s a great place to spend a 3-5 days on a backpacking trip. 

3 - 5 days

Salt Creek, be prepared...

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